What is IO-Link?

IO-Link is the first worldwide-standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9) for communicating from the controller to the lowest level of automation. Its interface can be used universally and is a fieldbus-independent, point-to-point connection that operates using an unshielded industrial cable.

What Does IO-Link Provide?

IO-Link transmits all sensor signals to the controller and, conversely, relays control data to the sensor/actuator level – this is how IO-Link integrates every sensor into the fieldbus level. It enables comprehensive, ongoing diagnostics and automated configuration of parameters via the controller.

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Higher Efficiency, Lower Costs

IO-Link provides substantial optimization and cost-reduction potential for overall production with...

  • Fewer Mechanical Installations
  • Predictive Error Detection & Automatic Readjustment
  • Central System Configuration via Controller
  • Quick, Error-Free Sensor Replacement
  • Automatic Identification of Devices


IO-Link ensures transparency in logistics, service, production, assembly, testing, and packaging for every individual application, whether it involves fluids, identification, position measurement, or object detection.

  • Clamping Distance & Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Part Tracking in Overall Production
  • Object Detection During Assembly
  • Gripper & Workpiece Changes
  • Status Displays at Assembly, Machining, & Testing Centers
  • Part & Fill Level Queries
  • Contactless Data & Energy Transmission

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