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AVX from Allied Electronics
AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic components and connectors. AVX serves a broad range of markets including: computer, telecommunications infrastructure, cellular, industrial, automotive, consumer, alternative energy, military and medical sectors. Continued innovation across a broad and unmatched line of passive electronic components and connectors will continue to be developed, expanded and improved to solve tomorrow’s design challenges. Untitled Document
AVX Featured Products

Power Electronic Capacitors

Film Capacitor
Film Capacitor
  • Capacitors for power electronics
  • At the end of life a loss of
    capacitance of about 5%, with no risk of explosion
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Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitors

Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitors
MLC Capacitors
  • Input and output filter capacitors in high frequency DC-DC
    convertor applications
  • Available in surface mount ‘J’ leaded versions
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Film Capacitors

Film Capacitors
Medium Power Film Capacitors
  • Very high
    dielectric strength in operating conditions up to 105°C
  • Designed for DC filtering,
    low reactive power
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Specialty Ceramics

Specialty Ceramics
High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor
  • Multilayer ceramic capacitors are available
    in both Class I and Class II formulations
  • X7R temperature stable ceramics
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AVX New Products

Automotive  VCAS

Miniature Low Current Fuse

The TransGuard Automotive Series have the advantage of offering bi-directional
overvoltage protection as well as EMI/RFI attenuation in a single SMT package.  The Automotive Series high current and high energy handling capability make them well suited for protection against automotive related transients.

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AU Series MLCC

This series is well suited to circuits where capacitors are applied to the PCB by soldering, conductive epoxy, or wire bonding.
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Miniature AC Varistor


The Miniature AC Varistor Series was developed for use on high frequency transmission lines. The low capacitance and high peak to peak rating combine to offer reliable protection from transients while maintaining signal integrity.

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9276 Series Lighting

The 9276 series connector provides a quick and reliable wire-to-board termination in a sleek 2.5mm pitch SMT package for a broad range of industrial and commercial markets. Connecting discrete wire components directly to the PCB.

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