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Altech Corp. from Allied Electronics

Altech Corporation is an established and respected United States based supplier of European components and devices used in industrial control, instrumentation and automation applications. From its inception in 1986 by the late Heinz W. Meise, Altech has been committed to three fundamental corporate principles: providing superior service, offering high quality products and building strong partnerships with suppliers.

Altech Featured Categories
Altech Product Categories
Busbar & Power Distribution   Circuit Protection   DIN Rail Power
  Terminal Blocks
Enclosures & Strain
  Relays   European Fuses   Pin Sleeve Devices
Tower Lights   Sensors   Pushbuttons   Switches
Industrial Rectangular
  Wire Ducts
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Altech Featured Products
Current Limiting Breakers   Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks   DC UPS
Current Limiting Breakers   Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks   DC UPS
  • Available in AC and DC models
  • 240V, 480Y/277VAC, 50/60Hz
  • 125VDC (1 pole); 250VDC (2 pole)
  • Minimizes the short circuit current, which limits the potential harmful energy
  • A time-saving alternative to the popular screw clamp connection
  • Feed-through and multi-connection types available
  • Offers a secure and reliable connection for any application
  • Offers completely automatic charging of any battery
  • Can be customized to meet user or application requirements
  • Designed to provide safe operation, as well as easy installation
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Altech Corp Spotlight
Altech eBook Powerful Solutions for Industrial Automation

Altech offers a vast range of reliable industrial automation equipment at prices that help you stay within your budget.

Available products include terminal blocks, circuit breakers, fuses, enclosures, UPS systems, sensors, switches, relays, safety devices, motor disconnects, and tower lights that meet UL and international standards.

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