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For wire and cable essentials, Alpha Wire has you covered. The Alpha Wire Essentials line includes a huge range of industry-standard products that offers tons of choices for insulation and jacketing materials, shielding, configurations, and conductor counts. All models are designed to provide reliable electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance for long-term productivity. Stock is on the shelf, and most cables are available in 100-foot minimums, so you can quickly get just what you need.

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Industrial Ethernet Cable

With industrial Ethernet cables in a range of categories (CAT 5 Torsional PROFINET, 5e, 6, and 7) and flex capacities (torsional, continuous, moderate flex), the Alpha Essentials Ethernet collection enables advanced communication while providing outstanding durability and performance within a range of applications and industries.

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Featured Products

74004 BK002

74004 BK002 >>

300 V; 26 AWG; Alum/Mylar Tape 25% Overlap Shielding, CAT7; 4x Twisted Pair; 500 ft; TPU (ZH)

74001 GR002

74001 GR002 >>

300 V; 22 AWG; Alum/Mylar Tape 25% Overlap Shielding; CAT5e; 4 Conductor; 500 ft; FRNHPO

74003 BK002

74003 BK002 >>

300 V; 26 AWG; Alum/Mylar Tape 25% Overlap Shielding; CAT5e; 2x Twisted Pair; 500 ft; PVC