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Opto 22 from Allied Electronics

Opto 22 develops and manufactures hardware and software for industrial automation and control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition. Opto 22 products make automation simpler, helping you complete your projects faster and under budget.

  • Four integrated components--software, controllers, brains, and I/O--are easy to understand and configure.
  • Standard, commercially available networking and computer technologies speed implementation and reduce costs.
  • Free training and easy-to-use, full-featured software simplify system development.
  • Flexible distributed I/O simplifies expansion as your needs grow.
  • Individual testing and lifetime warranties make our I/O the most reliable on the market.
  • Free product support reduces long-term maintenance costs.
Opto 22 products meet the needs of automation end-users, OEMs, and information technology and operations personnel, and have an established reputation worldwide for ease-of-use, innovation, quality, and reliability. The company was founded in 1974, and all products are manufactured at our headquarters in Temecula, California, USA.

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SNAP PAC System   IO4AB   Solid State Relays   groov

Opto 22's SNAP PAC System is an integrated system of hardware and software for industrial control, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications.


SNAP I/O from Opto 22 extends your A-B PLC system with distributed Ethernet I/O where you need it, plus advanced process control features.


Opto 22 offers a complete line of solid state relays, from the rugged 120/240-volt AC Power Series to the small-footprint MP Series, designed for mounting on PCBs.

  Opto 22's groov is a revolutionary new way to build, deploy, and view mobile opterator interfaces for virtually any automation system. Communicate directly to Modbus/TCP devices without intermediary servers or protocol converters.
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PAC Project   Solid State Relay   SNAP PAC S   groov
PAC Project Professional Software Suite   Wired+Wireless SNAP PAC (SNAP-PAC-R1-W)   Heat Sink SSR (240D30-HS)   groov
  • Control, HMI, OPC, database connectivity, advanced network options, and support for legacy Opto 22 equipment
  • Add remote I/O and analog capabilities to your Allen-Bradley PLC system
  • Communicate over wired Ethernet or wireless LAN
  • 240 VAC, 30 Amp, DC Control Solid State Relay (SSR)
  • Built-in heatsink makes installation faster and easier
  • Easily build and use secure, web-based mobile interfaces for any brand phone or tablet.
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Opto 22 New Product
groov Get Modbus/TCP data on your mobile device with groov
  • Bring data from sensors, drives, meters, and thousands of other Modbus/TCP devices directly to your smartphone or tablet
  • No OPC server needed
  • No protocol converters or communication interfaces required
  • No programming or coding
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