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NTE Electronics, Inc. Theremo Pad; 0.50C/W Thermal Resistance; Silicon/Fibre Glass; Gray
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NTE's THERMO-PADS do away with the old fashioned and messy mica wafer and conductive grease method of mounting power semiconductors. These thermally conductive insulators offer low heat transfer resistance while still providing high electrical isolation between the parts of the assembly. The elastomeric material combines the electrical isolation of rigid insulators with the ability to conform to rough surfaces and reduce contact resistance in much the same manner as thermal greases. Proper selection and use of these thermo-pads results in a securely mounted power semiconductor and minimum resistance to the heat transfer between it and the heat sink. Typical Properties Color: Gray; Test Method — Visual. Breaking Strength, Lbs./Inch: 100; Test Method — ASTM D 1458. Elongation, Percent: 4; Test Method — ASTM D 412. Volume Resistance Ohm Metre Minimum Normal: 1.0 × 1013, Test Method — ASTM D 257. Volume Resistance Ohm Metre Minimum Moist: 1.5 × 1010, Test Method — ASTM D 257. Breakdown Voltage, Minimum Normal: 5000; Test Method — ASTM D 149. Moist: 2500; Test Method — ASTM D 149. Dielectric Constant 1000 Cups (Hz): 5.5; Test Method — ASTM D 150. Continuous Use Temp. °C: –60 to +180. Thermal Conductance W/m-k: 0.7. Thermal Vacuum Weight Loss Percent (TML) Maximum As Manufactured: 0.40; Test Method — NASA. Thermal Vacuum Weight Loss Percent (TML) Maximum Post Cure 24 Hrs @ 400°F: 0.25; Test method — SP-R-0022A. Volatile Condensable Material, Percent, Maximum (CVCM) as Manufactured: 0.11; Test Method — NASA. Volatile Condensable Material, Percent, Maximum (CVCM) Post Cure 24 Hrs. @ 400°F: 0.07; Test Method — SP-R-0022A. Hardness, Shore A: 85; Test Method — ASTM D 2240. Specific Gravity: 2.0-2.1. Thickness (Expressed In Inches): 0.009 (+0.002, –0.001). Thermal Resistance (TO-3 Transistor) °C/Watt: 0.50.

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