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TE Connectivity Heavy Duty Connectors
A Connectivity Solution for Harsh Environments

TE Connectivity (TE) introduces Heavy Duty Connectors (HDC), a connectivity solution for harsh environments. An Ingress Protection rating of up to IP69K, and 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance approved testing help to ensure long lasting performance. This results in longer machine uptime, quick installation, and protection against environmental hazards including water, dust, chemicals, temperature, vibration, mechanical shock, and high pressure.

Due to its modular design, heavy duty connectors can also help to reduce space requirements in applications, providing highly customizable solutions. By combining products from TE’s portfolio of cable fittings, hoods, contacts, male or female inserts, and housings, HDC can be assembled to almost any configuration for heavy duty applications.

  • Long Lasting Performance with 1,000 Hours Salt Spray Corrosion Testing Approval
  • Reliable Performance in the Most Demanding Operating and Environmental Conditions
  • Custom Configuration, Modular Inserts, and a Variety of Housing Offerings Available
  • Helps to Reduce Supply Chain Risks with a Portfolio of Industry-Standardized Interfaces
  • 5-200 A Rated Inserts
  • IP69K Rated
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Stock No. Mfr.'s Part # Description Availability Price(USD)
70772417 T1010033100-000 H3A-KDB; Hood; Accessory; DieCastAlum; 24mm(L); 24mm(W); Housing 120 $3.59
70772418 T1210100125-000 H10B-TS-M25; Hood; Accessory; DieCastAlum; 73mm(L); 43mm(W); Side Entry 36 $7.94
70772419 T1210160125-000 H16B-TS-M25; angled hood; metal; M25 cable entry; sibas 36 $9.69
70772920 T1220100125-000 H10B-TS-M25; Hood; Accessory; DieCastAlum; 73mm(L); 43mm(W); Top Entry 40 $7.94
70772921 T1220160125-000 H16B-TG-M25 33 $9.69
70772922 T1230240132-000 H24B-TSH-M32; Hood; Accessory; DieCastAlum; 120mm(L); 43mm(W); 76mm(H); Side Entry 28 $13.77
70772923 T1240240132-000 H24B-TGH-M32; straight hood high constr; metal; M32 cable entry; sibas 28 $12.23
70772924 T1310060125-000 H6B-TS-M25; Hood; Accessory; DieCastAlum; 60mm(L); 43mm(W); Side Entry 38 $7.40