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Lapp USA from Allied Electronics

As a global player and system supplier with 35 sales companies, 15 production sites and another 100 partners in various countries around the world, the Lapp Group has many years of know–how and, as a manufacturer of brand name products for all aspects of cable technology, is one of the most innovative, successful corporate groups on the world market.
As part of the worldwide Lapp Group, Lapp USA offers a complete one–stop solution for power⁄signal cable and connector needs throughout automation markets. Lapp USA has a broad range of products, which includes OLFLEX® flexible, oil–resistant and continuous–flex cables, cable track, SILVYN® conduit and accessories, EPIC® multi–pin rectangular and pin & sleeve connectors, SKINTOP® strain relief cord grips, remote access ports, and populated track assemblies. Lapp USA also provides custom cable designs for unique cable applications.

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As part of the worldwide Lapp Group, Lapp offers a complete one-stop automation solution for cable and connector needs. Lapp has the broadest range of products, including ÖLFLEX®, UNITRONIC®, and SILFLEX® flexible and continuous-flex cables, SILVYN® cable track and accessories, EPIC® rectangular, circular, and Pin & Sleeve Connectors, SKINTOP® strain relief cable glands, FLEXIMARK® Cable Marking Systems, remote access ports, and custom harness assemblies.
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