Johnson Electric H-2711-033

Johnson Electric Solenoid, Rotary, Continuous, Size 3E, 45 Degrees, 26VDC, 33 AWG Coil Wire, 18W
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Rotary Solenoid, 18 W Power Rating, 75.30 Ohms Coil Resistance

Ledex® Series
Many rotary solenoids are available from distribution inventory. If you're not sure of your exact requirement, you may consider using a stock model prototype as a quick and very inexpensive means to determine your exact requirements. Stock models are available in a variety of rotary strokes for most sizes of bobbin, precision standard and precision elongated coil styles. NOTE: The last two digits of the model number
correspond to the coil AWG number. Refer to the specification page of the model to review performance data at that given AWG.

In ordinary electromagnets, magnetic pull increases sharply as the air gap closes. In Ledex® rotary solenoids, this is compensated for by the compound angle of incline of the ball races. The incline of the ball races is steep at the beginning of the rotary stroke and gradually decreases as the balls approach the deep end of the ball races, thus transferring torque to the start of the rotary stroke where it is usually needed.

Rotary solenoids are laboratory tested under spring load conditions at 25% duty cycle at 20°C ambient temperature to determine life ratings. Bobbin, Precision Standard, and Precision Elongated coil solenoids are rated for 1 million actuations. Actual life, however, is greatly affected by the application and environment factors such as exposure to extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, etc. Depending on these factors, Precision Standard and Precision Elongated coil solenoids can provide up to 20 million actuations.

® Series
BTA® rotary, non-axial stroke actuators are a good solution for applications requiring reliable, low hysteresis operation with a good torque profile as required for proportional operation. Using simple pulse width modulation (PWM) to control coil current, the BTA® allows open or closed loop velocity and position control. Such proportional control is ideal for silent, shock-free actuation applications. (In open loop applications, PWM improves hysteresis over variable DC voltage control.) The addition of position feedback, and the subsequent improved system stiffness and accuracy, enables the BTA® to be used in closed loop applications. The bearing system consists of two ball-type bearings which are key to low hysteresis operation.

The BTA® has a single phase coil with three stator poles and matching rotor poles. By not requiring full stroke actuation, the BTA® offers maximum design flexibility across a wide range of stroke angles and torque requirements.

Ledex® Features
  • The Most Extensive Rotary Solenoid Line in the Industry
  • Extensive Capabilities for Modified, Custom Fabricated Solenoids and Solenoid-Operated Mechanisms
  • Snap Acting Operations
  • Clockwise or Counterclockwise Rotation
  • Wide Variety of Configurations to Accommodate Mounting and Environmental Considerations
  • Long Life Options

    ® Features
  • Controllable Velocity and Position
  • Quiet, Shock-Free Operation
  • 100+ Million Cycle Life
  • No Axial Stroke
  • Adaptable to Closed Loop Operation
  • Completely Enclosed Construction
  • Excellent Unit-To-Unit Performance Consistency
  • Low Power Consumption

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