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1.  Controllers and Displays

TWIDO® Programmable Logic Controller >>

Magelis® HMI STU Touch Panel >>

Zelio® 2 Logic Smart Relay >>

2. Power Control and Protection

Multi 9TM C60N UL 489 Listed Mini Circuit Breakers >>

TeSys® D IEC Contactor & Overload Relay >>

PowerPact® H-Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers >>

CAD Series-TeSys® D IEC Industrial Control Relay >>

3. Drives and Soft Starters

Altivar® 312 Variable Frequency Drive >>

TeSys® GV2 Manual Starter & Protector >>

Altistart® 01 Motor Soft Start >>

4. Pushbuttons and Tower Lights

Harmony® ZB4 Pushbutton & Pilot Light >>

Harmony® Tower Light & Beacon >>

Harmony® XB5R Wireless Pushbutton Switch >>

5. Sensors and Switches

XS Long Barrel Inductive Proximity Sensor >>

NEMA 9012G Series Pressure Switch >>

XUM Miniature Rectangular Photoelectric Sensor >>

9007C Heavy Duty Limit Switch >>

6. Machine Safety

Harmony® Biometric Switch >>

Preventa XPS Series Safety Relay >>


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