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Fluke from Allied Electronics

Fluke products are known worldwide for being rugged, reliable and accurate.  Fluke's meticulous design standards, manufacturing experience, and quality assurance processes have produced best of class tools sure to stand up to any scrutiny of specifications.  Tools from Fluke are designed to do accurate measurements repeatedly, in harsh environmental conditions and with the utmost confidence. In fact, they typically perform better than their listed specifications.

Fluke Top Sellers
Fluke - Fuse dmm 44/100
Fuse dmm 44/100
$6.72   Each
Fluke - Multimeter,  Digital;  1000 VDC Voltage,  Range,  DC;  1000 VAC Voltage,  Range,  AC
Multimeter, Digital; 1000 VDC Voltage, Range, DC; 1000 VAC Voltage, Range, AC
$399.95   Each
$23.35   Each
Fluke - Test Lead Set. Premium DMM
Test Lead Set. Premium DMM
$25.95   Each
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Fluke New Products
190-504/AM/S ScopeMeter® Test Tool Fluke Connect™ Wireless Test Tools BT520 Battery Analyzer
  • 5 GS/s sampling rate, 500 MHz bandwidth with 4 input channels and DMM for electronic field service applications.
  • A faster sample rate and higher bandwidth means greater accuracy and clarity.
  • Introducing the largest system of connected test tools in the world. Make better decisions faster and increase productivity with the newest technology from Fluke.
  • An ideal test tool for maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance testing of individual stationary batteries and battery banks used in critical battery back-up applications.

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