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Amphenol Connex from Allied Electronics

Amphenol Connex is a manufacturer of RF connectorsadapters and cable assemblies. Our connector product line includes common radio frequency interfaces such as BNCSMA and TNC connectors as well as many others.  We support a variety of industries including the wireless infrastructure market, broadband, broadcast and wireless lan/computer industries. 

Our extensive capabilities include:

  • Modifications of existing designs
  • Application assistance and design of custom cable assemblies
  • Electrical testing to 40 GHz; VSWR/Return loss, insertion loss, PIM testing
  • Custom packaging
  • Quick delivery of samples
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Top New Amphenol Connex Products

4.1 / 9.5 Connectors and Adapters

MMCX Cable Assemblies

Low PIM Adapters

  • Made for wireless and communication applications
  • Meets VSWR, attenuation, and intermodulation strength requirements
  • Excellently suited for use in extreem environments due to mechanical robustness
  • Offers reliable broadband performance from DC to 6 GHz
  • Incorporates industry-approved MMCX interace with a snap-on/quick disconnect interface
  • Lower cost and also faster than a custom solution
  • Ideal for wireless applications requiring consisten electrical performance
  • Low return loss and low IMD
  • Between series and in-series low PIM RF adapters are available with Type N, 7/16 DIN and SMA connector interfaces
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